Miss Giachetta's Art Page

Welcome to the Art Page!  
I'm excited to start another year of creating art with my students!

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Mystery Artist will be announced soon!
 Can you solve the MYSTERY?
Every month I will post a new piece of art and you will have to 
discover who made it?

How can you solve the mystery?
Search online with your parents help!
Look in a book!
Ask a parent or family member!

Come to the art room to enter into the raffle and at the end of the month I will pick one student to win a prize!


Middle School Art Club
Please Have Colors Picked Out By October 26th!
Color Options:

Football Pillow

football pillow
football colors 1fb color names 1
                                          football colors 2fb names 2

Square Pillow

Square Pillowsquare colorscolor names square